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How will your gifts tell your story?

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We've been thinking...

Dear Friend,

We hope this message finds you basking in the afterglow of good food and good company. As for us, we’ve been feeling a little reflective about what really matters to us as a brand and wanted to share our thoughts with you.

To us, the most important focuses of our business are:

  1. Creating meaningful, personal jewelry
  2. Delivering a high-quality experience at consistently affordable price points
  3. Using our business to create positive impact

Basically, we aim to provide incredible value and fairly-priced pieces to you everyday and contribute to positive change by donating 10% of our profits overall. That’s why we’ve decided to stop running traditional sales and, instead, use would-be sales as an opportunity to give back even more.

When you shop with us this Black Friday, 20% of the total profits from your order will be donated to United Way’s fund to help families affected by the California Camp Fire. Members of our team have seen the direct effects of this tragedy on their friends and loved ones, so we're incredibly grateful for this community's heart and eagerness to make a difference.

Thank you,

The GLDN Team

P.S. – If you prefer to donate directly to funds for those affected by the California fires, we would love that! When you send us a copy of your donation receipt, now through Monday, we'll send you our exclusive, printable gift wrap as a thank you for supporting causes that matter to us (you'll also receive it automatically with any order placed on our site today).

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